Ban blacklisters Bam from Dundee Contract

Construction union UCATT are calling on SNP led Dundee Council to reject BAM from being awarded a major public sector contract in the city.

The Council’s Policy and Resources Committee is meeting tonight (September 8) to decide on a multi-million pound contract for the V&A Museum in the city. Bam are the preferred bidders for the contract despite the company not having paid any compensation to the construction workers it blacklisted.

A recent letter by the Scottish Government on new guidelines on blacklisting in relation to public sector contracts states that the “guidance makes it clear that firms which have engaged in blacklisting have committed an act of grave professional misconduct and should be excluded from public procurement, unless they can demonstrate appropriate remedial action.”

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “Until blacklisters fairly compensate the workers whose lives they ruined they should be banned from public contracts. The Scottish Government is introducing clear guidelines to penalise blacklisters and Dundee Council must respect those rules.”


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