Blacklisting discovered at international employment agency

Construction union UCATT are demanding that the Government takes immediate action after an international employment agency, which operates in the UK, was discovered to be blacklisting workers who joined a trade union.

The company Atlanco Rimec has an office in Northampton. A programme to be shown on Danish TV channel DR1 today (May 15), reveals that the company has a secret register of workers. Workers who complain about pay or join a trade union are not given further work.

Atlanco Rimec has thousands of construction workers on its books and operates internationally in England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, France, Poland, Norway and Australia.

A former manager of Atlanco Rimec speaking anonymously on the programme, said: “Atlanco Rimec does not tolerate workers who have dealings with unions. That is a complete no-no in the company because unions can cause a lot of problems.”

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “We have always warned that there was more than one blacklist and that blacklisting was an international issue. We now have that proof. We must step up the campaign to stamp out blacklisting.
“We will seek out all blacklisting companies wherever they are. We will be working with our sister unions across the world. There will be no hiding place.”

Mr Murphy, added: “It is now essential that the activities of Atlanco Rimec are fully investigated by the UK Government and throughout Europe.”

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