FIFA World Cup decision ignores plight of migrant workers

Construction union UCATT have criticised FIFA for once again ignoring the plight of migrant workers, enduring slave like conditions, in Qatar.

A FIFA taskforce has today (February 24th) recommended that the 2022 World Cup scheduled for Qatar, should be played in November and December, due to the heat.

The decision fails to take into account that 2 million migrant workers, building the World Cup and the Qatar’s infrastructure, are working six days a week in temperatures which can reach 55 degrees.

The migrant workers are employed in near slave like conditions. Under Qatar’s Kafala system their passports are removed and they cannot leave the country without their employers permission.

Since the World Cup was awarded to Qatar over 1,400 construction workers from India and Nepal have died and the total death rate of all migrant workers is far higher.

Wages are often withheld from workers for months on end and pay can be as low as 56 pence an hour.

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “Once again FIFA have chosen to worry about the health of footballers and not the health of the workers building what will be a blood-stained World Cup.”

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