Research Shows Construction Deaths Highest in London

Research by construction union UCATT has revealed that construction deaths in 2012/13 were highest in London.

In total 39 construction workers were killed in 2012/13 a decrease on the 49 fatal injuries suffered by construction workers in 2011/12.

Of the 39 deaths, 8 were suffered by workers in London a sharp increase on the previous year when there were just 4 deaths of construction workers in the capital.

There was also an increase in construction deaths in Yorkshire where deaths in 2012/13 doubled from 3 to 6, in Scotland where deaths increased from 3 to 5 and 1 death in the North East compared to none the previous year.

Deaths in other regions were as follows with fatalities for 2011/12 in brackets: East England 4 (7), East Midlands 0 (2), North West 2 (7), South East 5 (7), South West 5 (6), Wales 1 (2) and West Midlands 2 (6).

By far the most common form of fatal accident was falls from heights which resulted in 23 deaths, 60% of all the fatalities recorded. This was an increase on 2011/12 when falls from heights accounted for 57% of fatalities suffered by construction workers.

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “The reduction in construction deaths is welcome. However construction remains the most dangerous industry in the UK. The reduction in deaths is primarily due to falling workloads and the industry working in a more sensible manner, rather than any significant improvement in safety.”

Mr Murphy added: “The combination of increased construction activity and the Government’s attacks on safety laws is sadly likely to lead to an increase in construction deaths in the future.”

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