Shrewsbury Pickets are in UCATT's DNA

Steve Murphy General Secretary of construction union UCATT, has said: “The Shrewsbury Pickets are in UCATT’s DNA”.

Mr Murphy made his comments at a press conference today (16th December) held just before the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign handed a 100,000 signature petition into Downing Street, calling for the Government to release all of the papers relating to the 1972 Building Workers strike and the subsequent arrest and conviction of the pickets.

The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign were forced to collect 100,000 signatures on a paper petition after the Government e-petition that they had established mysteriously stopped working.

Further pressure will be placed on the Government to release the relevant papers, which currently are not due to be published before 2021, early next year. A group of Labour MPs have secured a backbench Parliamentary debate on the Shrewsbury Pickets and the Government’s refusal to release the relevant papers.

Speaking at the press conference Mr Murphy, said: “The Shrewsbury Pickets and their campaign for justice is in UCATT’s DNA.”

Commenting on the campaign having successfully collected over 100,000 signatures, Mr Murphy added: “The public of this country understand the injustice experienced by the Shrewsbury Pickets. It is now important that the Government also listens, understands and acts.”

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