UCATT condemns appalling Qatar World Cup labour conditions which human rights group says are unchanged

International human rights organisation Amnesty International has once again slammed the Qatar Government for failing to improve the conditions of construction workers working on 2022 World Cup stadia.

Amnesty said Qatar has done: “almost nothing effective to end chronic labour exploitation” in the five years since it was controversially awarded the tournament. The human rights organisation said the workforce in Qatar is likely to reach in excess of two million in the next few years.

UCATT Acting General Secretary, Brian Rye, said: “UCATT has been campaigning for years to end the kafala system whereby construction workers are effectively prisoners of their employers because they can’t change employer nor leave the country. It’s an utter disgrace that the World Cup was awarded to a nation that has so little regard for the rights of human beings. UCATT will continue to fight for the rights of our fellow construction workers in Qatar.”

Mr Rye added: “We agree totally with the recent comments of FA Chairman Greg Dyke when he said the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar was the worst moment in FIFA’s already tarnished history.”

Amnesty International’s Gulf migrant rights researcher, Mustafa Qadri, said: “Too little has been done to address rampant migrant labour abuse. Qatar’s persistent labour reform delays are a recipe for human rights disaster. The reforms proposed by the government fail to tackle the central issues that leave so many workers at the mercy of employers, yet even these changes have been delayed.”



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