UCATT conference demands Crossrail safety improvement

Construction union UCATT have put further pressure on Crossrail to improve safety on the project.

Delegates at UCATT’s conference in Llandudno today (May 14) voted unanimously in favour of an emergency motion which demanded that UCATT safety reps are elected on all sections of the project and that safety committees are also created.

Conference also committed the union to “expose any attempts to hinder” the campaign to ensure that in future Crossrail follows the highest possible safety standards. If Crossrail and its contractors do not allow UCATT access to sites and try to avoid UCATT safety reps playing a full rule in safety, the union is committed to conducting demonstrations and publicly naming and shaming the companies involved.

The emergency motion was passed after recent newspaper reports of a leaked safety report at Crossrail which was damming. In March a worker was killed on the project.

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “Crossrail must listen to its workforce and UCATT are the voice when it comes to safety. It is vital that safety is dramatically improved on the project.”

Jerry Swain the Regional Secretary for the London and South East Region, said: “UCATT is not going to stand idly by if contractors on Crossrail gamble with workers lives by blocking the appointment of safety reps who are a vital in reducing accidents and saving lives.

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