UCATT welcomes Labour's manifesto pledges on Gangmasters and Blacklisting

Construction union UCATT has welcomed pledges in Labour’s manifesto launched today (Monday 13th April) to crackdown on exploitation by Gangmasters and to end blacklisting.

On the problem of employment agencies and Gangmasters exploiting workers the manifesto says: “Labour will introduce a new law to stop employers undercutting wages by exploiting workers. We will ban recruitment agencies from hiring only from overseas and we will crackdown on rogue agencies by extending the remit of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority where there is evidence of abuse.”

The manifesto also explicitly states Labour’s complete condemnation of blacklisting by saying: “Outdated practices, like blacklisting have no place in the modern economy.”

Further details on Labour plans to hold a public inquiry on blacklisting and its pledges on false self-employment, workplace safety and the Shrewsbury Pickets are contained in the Workplace manifesto which was launched earlier this month.

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “These pledges demonstrate Labour is on the side of construction workers and that a Labour Government will act to prevent exploitation and will deliver justice to workers who have been blacklisted.”

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