UCATT welcomes report that endorses HSE fees scheme

Construction union UCATT have welcomed the findings of an independent report which has concluded that the Health and Safety Executive’s, Fee For Intervention (FFI) scheme is being applied “consistently and fairly”.

The FFI scheme was introduced by the HSE in October 2012. Under the scheme the HSE can now recover costs from employers who following an inspection are found to be in material breach of safety rules. A material breach is when an employer breaks a safety law and it is sufficiently serious for the HSE to notify them in writing.

The future of the FFI scheme came into doubt in January this year when the Triennial Review into the future of the HSE, recommended that the scheme be scrapped as stakeholders (employers) believed it had “damaged the relationship between the HSE and the employers”.

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “This report is important as it shows that FFI is being applied fairly. The only people who don’t like it are employers who are being forced to pay for breaking safety laws and putting the lives of workers in danger.”

Mr Murphy added: “The message to employers must be stop breaking safety laws and putting workers at risk. If you break safety laws expect to be penalised for doing so.”

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