Workers urged to sign petition to Show FIFA The Red Card over Qatar worker abuses

For over a year UCATT has been campaigning for workers’ in Qatar to stop being forced to work in slave like conditions. For full details go to Qatar Campaign

There is now a new opportunity to put pressure on FIFA prior to their Congress in Zurich on the 29th of May.

Construction trade unionists from all over the world have sent letters to national football associations and fan clubs in their countries demanding they take a stand for workers’ rights. Together with you we are showing the world of football that we will not accept a World Cup without workers’ rights.

However, now is the time to step up our efforts and target the corporate sponsors of FIFA. They pump millions of dollars into FIFA and without them the World Cup would not be possible. If we can get them to speak up, FIFA and the Qatari Government will have to act.

Many of the sponsors have previously expressed concern over the corruption allegations against FIFA last year, but kept silent about the slave-like conditions for workers building the World Cup.

We now want them to give FIFA an ultimatum and quit their sponsorship unless FIFA decides to do the right thing - which is to make sure that workers’ rights are respected before, during and after the World Cup.

Please sign the petition here:

And please take a bit of your time to share it with your union friends and family, and in social media using  Facebook or Twitter by linking to the campaign and using the hashtag #RedCardforFIFA


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