68 is too late

68 is too late

68-is-too-late.jpgUCATT is a member of the influential 68 is too late campaign group, opposing the work till you drop attitude of the coalition government.  The campaign group echoes UCATT policies on state retirement age, outlining that workers will retire into ill health, people will die before reaching retirement age, and our young people will be denied jobs and opportunities.

The Conservative-led Government announced in November 2010, that by 2028, the state pension age will be 67. Already, it has been agreed that younger workers won’t retire until they are 68. There are already people in the private sector and Right-wing think tanks who are arguing that the pension age should be further raised to 70.

Judging by the mess that this government is making of the economy with no vision for growth and further away from providing a sustainable recovery, we can expect further increases in the pension age, unless we join together with progressive organisations to fight this ideological pursuit on pensions and retirement.

UCATT’s NDC Conference 2012 policy is to campaign against any increase in the state retirement age by this or any other government. We fully support a reduction in retirement age for our members, who work in hard physical manual labour, that impact upon their health and life expectancy. Therefore UCATT is proud to playing an active role in the 68 is too late campaign.

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