Blacklisting and Public Procurement


One of the most important ways to ensure that the companies involved in blacklisting are forced to take action to compensate their victims and acknowledge  their crimes is to remove their ability to win future public procurement contracts.

Denying public sector contracts is also by far the best way of ensuring that no company is ever tempted to blacklist workers in the future.

In the Spring of 2015, six years after the Consulting Association blacklist was discovered no company involved in blacklisting construction workers has owned up, paid up or cleaned up after ruining workers’ lives.

UCATT has produced a new report Blacklisting and Public Procurement, which details how many members can lobby public bodies such as councils to make sure that they introduce rules which prevent blacklisters from bidding for contracts. It also provides additional advice on how if a contract has already been awarded pressure can be applied to have it terminated.

The full report is available here: Blacklisting and Public Procurement

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