Building and Civil Engineering Benefit Schemes

Building and Civil Engineering Benefit Schemes

The B&CE (Building and Civil Engineering Benefit Schemes) is one of the UK's largest provider of financial benefits to construction industry employers and individuals. It has created a range of financial products to try and help meet the needs of everyone working in construction, including a stakeholder pension, employee accident cover, employee life cover, employee healthcare and holiday pay.


The B&CE offers construction workers an easy way to save for retirement with the EasyBuild stakeholder pension. Designed exclusively for construction workers, EasyBuild adapts to changes in working patterns and offers tax relief on your contributions. You can pay in via payroll deduction through your employer or monthly direct debit payments.

EasyBuild offers plenty of benefits including:

Tax relief: you get tax relief on all your contributions, which increases the amount paid into your pension.

No transfer charges: no charge to move funds in or out of EasyBuild.

Flexibility: you can change your contributions, pay regular amounts or lump sums, and stop and start your payments. Even if you change employer or become self-employed, you can still pay into the scheme.

Low charges: from just 0.6% a year (for funds over £25,000), EasyBuild comes with a competitive annual management charge.

Tax-free lump sum: at retirement, you can take up to 25% of your pension fund as a tax-free lump sum.

The People's Pension

Between October 2012 and 2017, employers will have to automatically enrol qualifying workers into a workplace pension. This process is known as 'auto-enrolment'. The largest employers will have to enrol their workers first, followed by smaller employers over the next years.

The B&CE has created a workplace pension scheme – The People's Pension – which offers automatic enrolment especially for firms with low to moderate earners and high staff turnover, such as in construction.

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