Building & Civil Engineering Benefit Schemes (B&CE)

Building & Civil Engineering Benefit Schemes (B&CE)

bce-benefitsscheme-logo.jpgBuilding & Civil Engineering Benefit Schemes is the leading provider of employee benefits and financial services to the construction industry. B&CE was established over 60 years ago to provide holidays for building workers employed in a mobile labour market.
Today its services include:



The People's Pension and EasyBuild stakeholder pension

The People's Pension is a workplace pension designed to take the hassle out of setting up and administering automatic enrolment. It is particuarly suitable for low-to-moderate earners in industries with high staff turnover, such as construction.

Easy Build is the  largest stakeholder pension in the country with 250,000 members. If you are employed under the CIJC working rule agreement your employer will make a weekly contribution to EasyBuild on your behalf of £5.00 (provided you match the amount if you are a new member). If you contribute between £5.01 to £10.00 they will match it. (You can of course contribute more.)

Accident and Life Cover

The B&CE provides accident and life cover to construction workers. Workers covered by the CIJC agreement should recieve this cover automatically as your employer should be paying towards it.
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