Campaigning Union

UCATT is the 100% construction trade union, dedicated to campaigning on behalf of building workers. Throughout our history we have developed campaigns aimed at improving the workplace conditions of building workers.

Health and Safety

The make-up of the construction industry and the huge amounts of fatalities and injuries means health and safety is a huge priority of the union. This campaign has varied aspects all of critical importance. Asbestos, safe working practices, proper equipment, PPE, and appropriate health and safety management all contribute to a workers day to day experience in construction. UCATT seeks to ensure rigorous health and safety measures to keep our members healthy.

Employment Rights

UCATT also seeks to abolish the unfairness of false self-employment, agency working, gangmasters, and payroll companies, and the myriad of tax avoidance schemes used by construction employers. UCATT seeks direct employment and fair employment practices and campaigns remorselessly around these issues. As a trade union supporting our members, UCATT campaigns for decent housing for workers and their families, and to support jobs in the construction industry.

Recently the blacklisting phenomenon in the building industry has been laid bare by the work of UCATT and others. Some thought this disappeared in the 80’s with the break-up of the Economic League, sadly this was not the case, as companies paid millions to prevent thousands of trade unionists gaining employment. UCATT seeks changes in legislation so that those found guilty of ruining someones life by denying them the right to work can be dealt with appropriately and jailed if necessary.

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