Construction Industry Joint Council: Working Rule Agreement

Construction Industry Joint Council: Working Rule Agreement


The Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC) Working Rule Agreement covers over 500,000 workers.  It is the largest industrial agreement within the construction industry.

Most of the 500,000 workers are covered by the whole agreement and travel and fare rates.  All 500,000 workers are covered by the minimum pay rates.

The full CIJC agreement can be accessed here: CIJC Agreement

From January 2013, the accident and death benefits have been increased.

Latest pay deal: June 2014 - June 2016

Unions led by UCATT have agreed a new pay deal for workers covered by the CIJC.

Pay rates will increase by 3% from 30th June 2014, with a further 3% pay increase from 29th June 2015.

Travel and fare allowance will also increase from 29th June 2015. The non-taxed fare allowance is calculated on inflation rate ending in March 2015. The taxed travel allowance will increase by 3%. 

The subsistence (lodging) allowance has increased to £35.32 a night from 29th June 2015.

Industry sick pay has incrased  to £115.00 per week from June 29th 2015.

The allowance for the loss or damage to stored tools will increase to a maximum of £750 from June 30th 2014.

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: ““This is the best offer which could be achieved through long and arduous negotiations. This is an improvement on previous offers from the employer’s side. However, even with the increase in pay these rates do not reflect the hard work, skills and dedication of construction workers.”

The full promulgation including new travel rates can be downloaded: CIJC pay and travel promulgation June 2015

Current pay rates (valid from 29th June 2015)


Per hour

Per week (39 hours)

Guaranteed minimum weekly earnings

Craft Rate       



 Skill Rate 1



 Skill Rate 2



 Skill Rate 3



 Skill Rate 4



General Operative



Payments for the skilled rates 1-4 lie in between the craft and operative rate.


Apprentice rates

 Per hour

 Per week (39 hours)

Guaranteed minimum weekly earnings

Year 1 of training



Year 2 of training



Year 3 without NVQ 2



Year 3 with NVQ 2



Year 3 with NVQ 3



On completion of NVQ 2



For apprentices aged 19 and over that have completed their first year, the respective NMW applies. These rates are an absolute minimum, anyone not being paid at least this rate should contact the local UCATT office immediately.

Travel, fare, lodging and other allowances

Workers employed under the CIJC may be entitled to claim for travel, fare and other alowances such subsistence and for loss of tools.


Sick Pay

The current industry sick pay rate is £115.00. Please read the section in the main agreement covering the rules on industry sick pay.

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