Constructing Better Health

Constructing Better Health

Constructing Better Health (CBH) is a not-for-profit organisation delivering the UK’s first national workplace health scheme on behalf of the construction industry. CBH is owned by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

For the first time, the UK now has a coordinated, consistent and pragmatic approach to the management of occupational health of the construction workforce. This enables employers to enjoy greater productivity, an increased skills base due to the retention of more experienced workers, and longer-term potential for a significant improvement in the work-related health of the workforce.


Due to its unique operational structure and the nature of the work involved, the UK construction sector suffers from disproportionately high levels of workplace health issues. Workers are highly transient – by employer, geographically and over time – and the sector suffers from deep troughs during economic downturns.

CBH, working in partnership with the industry, Trade Unions and Government have introduced a national workplace health scheme, including the development and publication of industry standards and the implementation of a national database.

UCATT supports CBH and has a permanent seat on the board of CBH. UCATT supports the purpose of extending this national scheme through the construction industry, as such a scheme has been long overdue.

The scheme requires individual workers to carry a ‘workplace health fitness for task’ card, demonstrating that workers are fit for the task they have been assigned. The national scheme satisfies the challenge presented to principal contractors needing to demonstrate to clients and other key stakeholders that their supply-chain complies with legislative workplace health requirements.

Constructing Better Health​ is committed to:

  • Challenging behaviours regarding occupational health in construction.
  • Evolving the CBH service as necessary to cater for the changing face of the construction industry.
  • Making the scheme accessible to all within the construction industry.
  • Promoting occupational health best practice in construction as a vital element of corporate social responsibility.
  • Providing responsible, workable and cost effective solutions to the industry.

UCATT believes that CBH offers the industry a firm foundation to tackle occupational health for the existing workforce and future generations. The health and welfare of construction workers will be improved by the adoption of the CBH scheme across the industry.

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