Construction Deaths Rise Steeply in London

Construction union UCATT have discovered that construction deaths in the capital rose steeply last year.

In 2010/11 there were a total of 8 fatal accidents among construction workers in London, this was a 62.5% increase on the previous year when a total of 5 workers were killed.

The total number of construction deaths increased in Britain last year, the number of workers killed at work was 50, compared to 41 in 2009/10, a 22 per cent increase. The rise in the number of deaths is particularly disturbing given that there has been no recovery in the construction industry, work levels remain low and the number of workers in the industry has fallen.

Jerry Swain, Regional Secretary for UCATT’s London and South East Region, said: “The number of construction deaths in London is simply appalling. Every one of these deaths is an individual tragedy. Construction accidents must no longer be ignored and more must be done to avoid these deaths, which are usually easily preventable.”

In 2010/11 in Britain, 13 workers were killed due to falls from height and the same numbers of workers were killed as a result of collapses. In total 8 workers were killed after being hit by a moving vehicle, while being hit by a moving/falling object resulted in 6 deaths.

Mr Swain, added: “These figures show that the construction industry cannot be left to police itself. The case put forward by some for the scraping of some safety laws and a reduced role for the Health and Safety Executive is no longer sustainable.”

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