Contribution rates

Contribution rates

UK rates 2016 (exc Northern Ireland)

Craft rate - £13.30 pm (£3.07 pw)

General rate - £12.18 pm (£2.81 pw)

Apprentice rate - For apprentices covered by the Construction Industry Joint Council, the Scottish Building and Training Council or a local authority pay £8.32 pm (£1.92 pw). All other apprentices pay £1.05 a week.

Northern Ireland rates

Craft rate - £12.65 pm (£2.93pw)

General rate - £11.53 pm (£2.66 pw)

Apprentice rate - For new members is £1.05 per week or for thos working for a local authority £1.92 per week

Republic of Ireland

To join UCATT in the Republic of Ireland please go to

There is also a retirement rate of £6.42 a year which applies when the member retires and would like to stay in the union.

The Crafts Rate relates to trades (joiners, bricklayers, painters, plumbers etc). The General Rate relates to labourers, drivers and administrators.

To request a UK membership application in the post please email with your name and address to: [email protected]

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