Hard Hat – our Health & Safety bulletin

Hard Hat is our quarterly health and safety bulletin. It is sent to UCATT activists and to members who have provided their email address to the union.

Download the latest issue or browse the archive below:


Latest issue: Spring 2015

Download: Hard Hat Spring 2015

The spring issue of Hard Hat contains information on this year’s Workers’ Memorial Day, an update on the Government’s fit for work scheme, information on high profile support for the HSE’s new asbestos awareness campaign and much more.


Past issues


Hard Hat Winter 2014

The winter issue contains important news about major changes to the CSCS card scheme, information on how safety reps can now directly contact the HSE, how the courts have blocked Government plans to increase the legal costs of asbestos victims and much more.

Hard Hat Autumn 2014

The Autumn issue contains stories on how workers are facing a health time bomb from inhaling dust, an increase in construction deaths, how a council was forced to revise its rules on agency working after UCATT revealed safety failings and much more.

Hard Hat Spring 2014.pdf

The Spring issue covers stories on the Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool, Government plans to commercialise the HSE, drops in life-saving construction inspections, and much more.


 Hard Hat 2013 Winter.pdf

The winter issue covers stories on reforms to the CSCS green card scheme, Boris Johnson's failure to help reduce London construction deaths, a sham Government consultation on mesothelioma claims and much more.

Hard Hat 2013 Autumn.pdf

The autumn 2013 issue covers feedback from the Save Our Safety lobby, information on regional safety conferences, news about how the Government is not taking asbestos dangers seriously and information about a further downgrading of safety reporting

 Hard Hat 2013 Summer.pdf

The issue includes stories on what measures workers need to take to stay safe in the sun and hot weather, a warning about how third party agencies are overcharging for CSCS cards and the latest information on the Government’s continued attacks on safety laws and regulations.

 Hard Hat 2013 Spring.pdf

This edition includes stories about the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE) through vending machines, lethal fake PPE, the launch of the TUC’s health and safety manifesto, information on Workers Memorial Day and a TUC reporton how healthy workplace reduce sick absence.​


 Hard Hat 2012 Winter.pdf

The December 2012 issue covers stories on the Health and Safety Executive’s latest safety statistics, how Caerphilly Council distributed seriously misleading information about “safe levels” of breathing in asbestos and dangerous cuts to staffing in the Highways Agency.

 Hard Hat 2012 Autumn.pdf

 Hard Hat 2012 Spring.pdf


Hard Hat 2011 Winter.pdf

This issue includes stories concerning the increased number of construction fatalities in 2010/11, UCATT’s response to the Loftstedt Review and changes to the RIDDOR reporting system. Hard Hat also includes an update on the proposed changes to the asbestos regulations in order to ensure that they become compliant with the EU Asbestos Directive.

 Hard Hat 2011 Summer.pdf

This issue includes stories about how a UCATT member won compensation after being victimised for raising safety concerns, possible changes to the Asbestos Regulations 2006 and Government proposals to weaken the RIDDOR regulations. Other stories in the issue include: the latest twist in the fight for pleural plaques justice in Scotland, research showing that new workers are more vulnerable to workplace accidents, and reports on cuts in HSE inspections and the closing of the HSE’s Infoline.

Hard Hat 2011 Spring.pdf


Hard Hat 2010 Autumn.pdf

Hard Hat 2010 Spring.pdf


Hard Hat 2009 Summer.pdf

Hard Hat 2009 Winter.pdf


Hard Hat 2008 Winter.pdf

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