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London & South East

UCATT London & South East offices

London_south_east.jpgHead office

177 Abbeville Road,

Tel: 020 7622 2442
Fax: 020 8802 8388



Regional Secretary: Jerry Swain 
Regional Organiser East London, South East London, Kent and the Home Counties: Mark Soave
Regional Organiser West, North West London and the City: Paul Lomax
Regional Organiser North, South West London and Westminster: Vince McCoy 
Regional Organiser Hampshire and the South Coast: Terry Abbott

What's going on in the region?

UCATT's London and South East Region yet again played a major part in the Workers Memorial Day event at the Building Worker statue at Tower Hill. Brian Rye, UCATT National Officer was a keynote speaker at the event, which attracted a huge crowd including activists and officials of the London and South East Region.

IMG_0104 (870x653).jpg

London and South East activists lay the UCATT wreath at the Memorial statue.


UCATT National Secretary Brian Rye speaks at the event.


Black balloons released to commemorate every building worker killed across the UK this year.


UCATT activists giving full support to those comrades that have been killed in the workplace, John Cahill (UCATT) and Mick Gilgunn (UCATT NPN) among the crowd.


UCATT London and South East Reigonal Council member Terry Harbour addresses the event at Tower Hill.


A poignant image that captures exactly the need for WMD events to remember the dead and fight like hell for the living.

Latest news from the region

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