Refractory Users Federation

The Refractory Users Agreement (RUF) covers most workers who undertake maintenance and refurbishment work on furnaces and kilns principally in steelworks. UCATT is the lead union for the RUF agreement.

The full agreement covers workers’ pay and conditions.

2017 Pay Deal

Unions have agreed a 1.7% oer hour pay rise that will come into effect on 2nd January 2017.
From 2nd January 2017 the basic hourly rates will be as follows:

Senior Trades Person £12.16
Refractory Installer Grade 1 £10.35
Refractory Installer Grade 2 £9.17
General Labourer £8.57

Lodging Allowance /Inner London Allowance/Lodge Retainer will all increase by 2% from 2nd January 2017.

Full information about the 2015 pay and conditions settlement is included in the promulgatory notice.

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