Scottish Government to call in ACAS to Forth Crossing dispute

The Scottish Government will call in ACAS to audit the Queensferry construction site after UCATT revealed migrant labourers being paid well below recognised industry rates.

Crossrail emails reveal untold worker abuses

Crossrail contractor shockingly admits in revealing emails to:

UCATT says the Government's auto-enrolment pension scheme has major flaws

Construction union UCATT is calling on the Government to address the damaging flaws in its much trumpeted auto-enrolment pension scheme, as part of a review announced this week. Currently, thousands of construction workers are being cheated out of a proper pension by glaringly obvious omissions.

Crossrail protest

UCATT held a protest this morning outside of the Crossrail depot in Holborn. 

Crossrail Holborn protest

Tarnished Forth road crossing needs pay audit to restore confidence

Construction union UCATT are calling on the Scottish Government to conduct an urgent independent pay audit for worker’s operating on the Forth Crossing in order to reassert confidence that workers are being treated fairly.

UCATT to join Unite to form one powerful union for the construction industry

Construction workers will have one powerful union voice on their side fighting for them from 1 January 2017, it was announced today (Wednesday 2 November) as members of UCATT voted by 85.5% to 14.5% to merge with Britain’s largest union, Unite.

UCATT forces Crossrail to introduce a timekepper after failure of digital payment system

UCATT has been vindicated in highlighting the failure of the Crossrail tunnelling project fingerprint recognition payment scheme as the company has announced that a human timekeeper will now be used. Workers on the high profile London infrastructure project run by the Costain led ATC consortium had lost money due to the failure of the digital fingerprint system.

UCATT welcomes Labour's living wage commitment

UCATT has warmly welcomed the announcement made today (September 26th) by the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell that the next Labour Government will transform the minimum wage into a genuine Living Wage.


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