UCATT is appalled by chronic lack of Health & Safety Executive (HSE) inspections

New research carried out by the TUC has discovered that 80 per cent of British construction sites have never been inspected by the Health & Safety Executive.

Construction, by its very nature, is a demanding and often hazardous work environment which requires rigorous health and safety rules and monitoring, so that workers get home safely. This new research reveals the utter neglect by the Government body mandated with safeguarding the country’s working environments.

With further cuts in the HSE budget the safety watchdog will barely be able to function. By 2019/20 Government funding of the HSE will have been slashed by nearly half. Combined with local councils reducing workplace inspections by 97 per cent, the British workplace environment is becoming increasingly hazardous.

UCATT Acting General Secretary, Brian Rye, said: “This survey result is astonishing. What is the point of the HSE if they don’t inspect? UCATT health and safety reps, shop stewards and convenors spend their working lives trying to protect British construction workers, the very least we could expect from our Government is some support.”

Mr Rye added: “If there are effectively no health and safety inspections by the HSE then unscrupulous employers will neglect the safety of their workers, if it means they can save money. This Tory Government’s wilful neglect of the British worker is tantamount to creating a wild west in the workplace – and we all know the consequences of such neglect will be injuries and maybe lives lost for construction workers. It is utterly shameful.”


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