UCATT Political

UCATT campaigns politically on a wide variety of issues that are of concern to construction workers.

Our current political campaigns focus on a variety of subjects including:

  • Ending false self-employment in the construction industry and abolishing taxation and employment rights loopholes involving the use of payroll and umbrella companies.
  • Properly compensating sufferers of asbestosis and asbestos related conditions.
  • Opposing the Government’s attacks on safety laws.
  • Securing justice for the victims of blacklisting.
  • Calling for more high quality construction apprenticeship places.
  • Securing the release of all papers concerning the trials of the Shrewsbury 24 and having them placed in the public domain.
  • Calling on the Qatari authorities to adopt ILO Conventions of Freedom of Association and to ensure all migrant workers are covered by the standards contained in Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy Workers’ Charter.

UCATT is affiliated to the Labour Party and we work closely with many MPs, councillors and members of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly in order to positively influence policy decisions and to encourage government to introduce the right policies for construction workers and their families.


Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation (TULO)

UCATT is also a key member of the Trade Union and Labour Party Liaison Organisation (TULO), the umbrella organisation that coordinates the activities of the 15 trade unions who affiliate to the Labour Party. Through TULO, Labour and UCATT members campaign together in communities across the country on issues that matter to us all: from saving our NHS, to defending jobs, to speaking up for our rights at work.

Steve Murphy UCATT Conference 2014
Former UCATT General Secretary Steve Murphy delivers a damning indictment of the Coaltion Government’s record on health and safety at UCATT’s recent National Delegate Conference. Credit: Anthony Woodward Photography.

UCATT Parliamentary Group

UCATT holds constituency plan agreements (CDP’s) with eleven Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs). A CDP is an agreement between the General Secretary of an affiliated trade union, the Chair of a CLP, and the relevant Regional Director of the Labour Party, and also has to be ratified by the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party.

The CLP MP automatically becomes a member of the UCATT group of MPs. The following MPs currently make up the UCATT Parliamentary Group:

  • Luciana Berger (MP for Liverpool Wavertree)
  • Kevin Brennan (MP for Cardiff West)
  • John Cryer (MP for Leyton and Wanstead)
  • Natascha Engel (MP for North East Derbyshire)
  • Stephen Hepburn (MP for Jarrow)
  • Huw Irranca-Davies (MP for Ogmore)
  • Steve Rotheram (MP for Liverpool Walton)
  • Angela Smith (MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge)

UCATT Councillors

Politicians are not always representative of the communities they serve. In Westminster, ordinary working people are outnumbered by those drawn from the worlds of business, politics and the law.

The average age of an MP is now 50. Only 22% are women and only around 4% are from non-white backgrounds. A quarter went to Oxford or Cambridge and 156 used to work in business, 90 in politics and 86 in law. In comparison only 25 MPs are former manual workers.

And according to the most recent National Census of Local Authority Councillors, the average age of a local councillor increased from 55 in 1997 to 60 in 2010. Only 31% are women and only 4% are from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities compared to around 11% of the adult population.

Over a hundred years ago, trade unionists founded the Labour Party to give support to Parliamentary candidates who would speak up for working people and a number of UCATT members have already made the transition from union activist to politician.

They have found that they already have gained many of the skills they need as politicians as UCATT reps: through listening to members, representing them, negotiating on their behalf and campaigning on the issues that are important to them. 

UCATT’s National Political Network course aims to find, support and encourage activists who want to develop their political skills and stand as Labour candidates in local and other elections. 

UCATT Representatives on Regional TULO Committees

UCATT has a representative on each Regional TULO Committee. The committees offer support to union members who want to become active in the Party, and to local Labour Parties who want to build better links with trade unions. 

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