UCATT Scotland welcomes MSP support for investigation into contractor pay malpractice on the Forth Bridge Crossing project


Scottish Labour MSP, Neil Findlay, has moved quickly to challenge the Scottish Government over poverty-level wages being paid to southern European building workers on the Forth Crossing project. Mr Findlay has raised a motion in Holyrood calling for Government action after UCATT Scotland revealed Portuguese sub-contractor Sosia Ltd was paying scandalously low wages, well below the agreed levels.


UCATT’s investigation found that Sosia was paying joiners £7.67 per hour and labourers £6.32 per hour. The prior agreed rates on the job are supposed to be dictated by the Construction Joint Industry Council (CIJC) agreement with joiners getting £11.61 an hour and labourers £8.73 an hour.


Such is the severity of the allegations for this flagship national project, Mr Findlay has called for an immediate pay audit on the entire project. The Forth Crossing has been beset with problems all created by the contractors. In 2015 workers downed tools over unpaid holiday pay and last month a raid by immigration officials found seven workers from the Indian sub-continent being employed illegally.


Steve Dillon, Regional Secretary for UCATT Scotland, said: “The Forth Crossing project is bringing not only the Scottish construction industry into disrepute but also the Scottish Government. How difficult is it to do a job of work properly and fairly? This country prides itself on common sense and fairness – so now the Scottish Government needs to show some. We welcome Neil Findlay’s motion and now call on the Scottish Government to audit this listing project before it starts sinking under a tide of infamy.”



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