UCATT welcomes the Guardian investigation into the sophisticated tax avoidance schemes of employment agencies

An undercover Guardian newspaper investigation has produced footage of a tax expert explaining how an employment agency can avoid paying millions of pounds in tax – ostensibly legally.


UCATT welcomes the newly gained awareness of the UK’s main liberal newspaper to this wide spread issue with employment agencies and hopes that the video released on the Guardian’s website (link below)




will encourage Government to investigate the tax dodging methods adopted by employment agencies. UCATT has long campaigned against the tax dodging false self-employment schemes used by employment agencies that blight the lives of so many construction workers, where workers are required to pay both employee and employer national insurance, don’t receive holiday pay, sick pay, pensions or other benefits – and yet work for only one employer.


UCATT Acting General Secretary, Brian Rye, said: “We welcome the Guardian’s expose of this issue which further illustrates the extensive tax dodging practices used by employment agencies in this country. This union has long campaigned against the tax dodging false self-employment schemes also used by employment agencies which rob both the British construction worker and HMRC of millions of pounds every year.”


Mr Rye added: “Maybe with this latest example of what we consider criminal behaviour, HMRC will finally allocate the resources to clean up the dodgy world of employment agencies and put a stop to the daylight robbery carried out against the British tax payer and the British construction worker.”



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