At work

At work

How UCATT Helps you at work


You can earn more

Workers in trade union organised workplaces earn on average 9% more pay.

You will have a stronger voice at work.

Trade union organised workplaces have representatives speaking up for you on pay, terms and conditions and health and safety – giving you a voice in the workplace

You get more holidays.

Trade union agreements in the construction industry have delivered more holidays than the statutory minimum for workers.

You get better conditions at work.

Unions exist to support improvements for workers in the workplace. Unions fight to protect hard-won existing terms and conditions.

You’re less likely to be injured at work.

Trade union organised workplaces have fewer workplace injuries and incidents. Unions organise health and safety, with representatives and union-led safety committees, where workers have a say on improving health and safety systems in the workplace.

You will be legally protected.

Trade union solicitors, experts in employment law and industrial injury experience, will support you in any legal cases, tribunals and compensation claims.

You will receive compensation for any legal case won on an illness, injury, or employment issue

UCATT solicitors win settlements on behalf of our members and all monies awarded are paid to members.

You will be less likely to be sacked.

You will be represented by trade union officials to protect your employment rights in the workplace.  You will be able to access expert knowledge of every aspect of employment law.

You will get greater access to training at work.

Union Learning Reps and lay reps will support the development of union led learning at the workplace supporting both vocational and lifelong learning.

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